Nearing completion in Exmouth Market, London, is our mixed use, part facade retention, part new build project for the Debenham Trust. The project is designed and executed to a very high quality under a traditional contract. Firmco are the main contractor. After working hard to achieve a number of low energy and Passive House (or Passivhaus) retrofit projects with us, this traditional building company, with it's own labour force, has worked hard to embed the new 21st century construction skills into its armoury of techniques, alongside the best traditional construction skills.


For those at my RIBA talk today, this is the book I recommended for helping in the design of good, thermally efficient details. It is titled Details for Passive House Buildings, edtited by IBO, the Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building, published by Springer Wien NewYork.


RIBA Publications have commissioned a UK printer to produce this book which is due for release before Christmas.


The Financial Times is just about to run an article on the Tighthouse Passive House in NYC which is a really beautiful piece of architecture and a great example of integrated design – by that I mean architecture that combines the qualities of attractive design, high performance, low energy use and great comfort for the occupants. To achieve such a high design quality in a retrofit of a NYC row house that’s over 100 years old makes it all the more of a triumph.

buckinghamshire passive house timber frame arrives bere:architects

The timber framed superstructure arrived this week for our Passive House in Buckinghamshire and was erected and made water-tight in 24hrs


On time, the contractor is now waiting for the arrival of the timber frame that will envelope the building and the windows that will make it air-tight. The installation of the two packages is being coordinated so that they share a crane.


Dawn Lintern holds a yoga class every Monday evening (except bank holidays) at the Muse. 

1.5 hours of dynamic stretching is one of the best things you can do for sports performance, to maintain core-strength or just to remain flexible - essential for people sitting at desks all day. The price of the drop-in class is £10. Most members of the sessions are experienced in the yoga moves but Dawn also welcomes beginners.

Phone Cassandra at bere:architects for further details 020 7241 1064.


The fair-faced concrete lower floor of this Passive House on a Buckinghamshire hillside is nearing completion. The timber framed superstructure is due for delivery and erection towards the end of September and will be watertight and draught free a couple of weeks later.


Our new Passive House (or Passivhaus) near Princes Risborough is now on site. The tall glass windows all face North West, and will demonstrate that, by careful calculation, it's possible to build a very low energy Passive House without lots of south facing glass. 


We are proud to announce that our super-qualified Masters graduate from UCL has just been awarded the CIBSE Building Simulation Group Prize for the best MSc Dissertation for the class of 2012.



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