Our Passive House buildings rank amongst the world’s best-performing, most comfortable and most healthy architecture.

Step by step we’ve worked to make our buildings better and better. We can now build exciting plus-energy buildings that can produce twice as much energy as the occupants need and that perform and feel comfortable on little or no grid energy – even in the depth of a cold winter. We are pioneering the concept of ‘house as power-station.’ We are experts in some of Europe’s most advanced modular, ecological construction techniques as well as traditional construction in lightweight and heavyweight materials. We are passionate about building for a healthy, biodiverse, unpolluted planet; building with care for air, sea, land and the 10 million species who share the planet with us. Surely all buildings should be built like this? 

Based on two years monitored performance, once a 13kWh battery is installed in 2018, Lark Rise will use 98% less grid-imported energy/m2/year than an average UK house, and will export many times more energy than it imports. With some tweaks and some small occupant sacrifices, Lark Rise also has the potential to be independent of the national grid.

Justin Bere


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