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Jaya Skandamoorthy (BRE director of Enterprise and Innovation) attended a meeting at bere:architects today with Virginia Cinquemani (BRE Innovation Park) in order to establish the building and training and disemination programme around our competition-winning Chestnut House low cost passivhaus prototypes at the Watford Innovation Park.

The semi-detached pair of houses, designed in collaboration with the Prince of Wales' Foundation for Building Communities, will be completed in time for a ministerial opening in September 2012.


Bere:architects staff are now all participating in the new Yoga class at the Mayville Community Centre. Designed by bere:architects the Community Centre is a fully certified Passivhaus retrofit.

Those that attended on Monday found the qualities of a Passivhaus building helped make the Yoga class all the more enjoyable. The insulation, triple glazing, draft free construction and Heat Recovery Ventilation ensure that the temperature and air quality remain constant and pleasant throughout the class as well as creating a quiet and calm atmosphere perfect for Yoga.



(These notes are selected from an email discussion with Bill’s permission)


A friend sent me a link to this anonymous blog post  

"A wildflower meadow atop a roof in Islington. This picture was inspired by a National Geographic article. I love the idea of having a green roof - a little piece of the English countryside in central London, hidden from the city streets below."


Cold Weather and the Elderly: As the cold weather bites, vulnerable and elderly people are the ones who will suffer the most, and they are the least able to fight the cold, damp conditions.

Rising Energy Prices: With rising energy prices, more and more people are slipping into fuel poverty.



Last Tuesday morning we visited our ‘towards Passivhaus’ Retrofit-for-the-Future project at 3 Passfield Drive in East London to take some thermal images of the finished retrofit. We wanted to take advantage of the cold snap that is being experienced across the country to check the thermal performance of the building.

At 8.30am on Tuesday morning the outside temperature was 1.5°C. The thermal images of the front facades of Passfield Drive, shown above in Fig 1, are a powerful visual indication of just how much energy this retrofit is saving.

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