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Grand Designs Magazine

December 2007


Justin Bere recently visited the Bayer factory with his two associate directors, Dan Gibbons and Tobias Schaffrin in order to discuss current DoubleGood Window enquiries (, window specifications and the latest technical developments.


By Pamela Buxton

Building Design

12 October 2007

Architect Justin Bere is so determined to be part of the solution to climate change that he’s set up his own glazing business

As an architect, it was never Justin Bere’s ambition to set up a window company. But frustration at the standard of UK-manufactured windows, coupled with his admiration for German-made Bayer products, led him to do just that, and this summer Double Good Windows was born.


A video of the Grand Designs Magazine Awards evening, featuring Justin Bere, has now been posted on their website.


bere:architects were awarded Best Eco House at the Grand Designs Awards on Friday night. The awards, presented by Kevin McCloud, were recorded for television. In his statement afterwards for the television cameras, Justin Bere expressed the sentiment that we are very fortunate to live and work in the UK in the early 21st Century. “Most people in the world do not have the opportunities that we have…” he said, “…and this makes it all the more important to try to do the right thing for the greater good.”


bere:architects were last night presented with the Small House of the Year award for the Focus House project in North London at the British Homes Awards 2007. The awards, presented by Jack Pringle, President of the RIBA and Fiona Fullerton, columnist for the Daily Mail, were sponsored by The Mail on Sunday, NHBC and BRE. bere:architects had also been shortlisted in the Home for the Future category for Comfort-Haus.


PassivHaus Study Tour

21 & 22 May 2007

Hanover, Germany

This seminar is aimed at housing professionals and professional bodies whom are involved in lowenergy housing. Pro-active company directors, decision makers, architects, contractors and developers will be represented at the study tour.

BRE is offering a unique opportunity, as a part of this study tour, to experience first hand what it means to live, work and design PassivHaus dwellings.


The RIBA last night presented bere:architects with a London Region Award for the Focus House project in North London. The house will now be put forward for the RIBA National Awards in June.



The amazing thing about Comfort-Haus is that it doesn’t need a boiler. It has no radiators, no underfloor heating or air conditioning, yet it stays warm in winter and cool in summer. With insulation three times better than current building standards and air-tightness 14 times better than building regulations, the heat from people, appliances and the sun are retained in the building to maintain a comfortable year-round temperature.



By Amanda Birch

Building Design

4 May 2007

James Bond eat your heart out. I’m standing in a vast, 12m x 12m x 13.4m, brick-built bascule chamber 5m below water level and a 420-tonne counterweight is slowly moving towards me.

London’s Tower Bridge is being raised and like Bond, I will manage to get out of this fix in the nick of time. When the bridge is fully raised, the counterweight will stop with inches to spare.


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