Max Fordham House

All-electric Passive House with insulated automatic shutters

Designed in collaboration with the renowned physicist and services engineer Max Fordham, the elevations of this house are largely driven by the requirement to accommodate horizontally-sliding thermal shutters within the internal fabric of the building. Max's concept involves demonstrating an energy balance in the worst-case winter conditions. Automatically operated, insulated internal window shutters have been developed for the project, and the intention is to test the completed building without any supplementary heating.

Our intention is also to celebrate Max’s personal approach to design; an approach totally committed to rational, environment-centred design. Max's preferred approach is to avoid unnecessary embellishments that would detract from the main focus of the project, which is to demonstrate a technical concept that could have widespread benefits for retrofit and low-cost housing sectors.


Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Regional Award 2019; RIBA London Region's Sustainability Award 2019; nominated by the German Design Council for a German Design Award 2020; shortlisted for 'House of the Year 2019' by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).


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