The cost analysis template came about as a result of our frustration at the construction industry's obscure, inconsistent and vague reporting of housing costs. House builders, housing associations, architects, cost consultants, 'one-stop suppliers' and contractors liberally quote build costs per square metre, often trying to out-compete one another with their ability to build at 'low cost', but usually, in our experience, without clarity or understanding of what is included in the rates that they quote. Much of the obscurity is deliberate, because organisations are not willing to collaborate for fear of losing competitive advantage. It's a 'dog eat dog' competitive environment, and people might as well be talking in unknown, different languages, because what is gained from such conversations is nothing of use to anyone. 

So in 2012, we set up the Passive House Cost Project (PHCP), to enable all Passive House cost data to be presented in a consistent way in order to set an industry standard for clarity. This template is based very closely on the RICS New Rules of Measurement: Order of Cost Estimating and Elemental Cost Planning for Capital Building Works (second edition).

It has been designed by quantity surveyor Richard Whidborne of e-Griffin Consulting in collaboration with bere:architects as one of bere:architects' self-funded outreach initiatives.

This template is available for individual project use and for the sharing of information amongst the passivhaus community. The project ended in 2012, however to obtain a copy of this, download the template from the link below.