The Foundation for Energy Efficient Construction rewarded the passive house concept with the first Award for Sustainable Construction. The award was handed to the initiators of the standard, Prof.em. Bo Adamson and Dr Wolfgang Feist. This took place yesterday afternoon at the "Old Bishop's House" at Lund University in Sweden.

The award recognises that "Passive House is not only energy efficient - it is affordable for the broad market, very comfortable and it leads to high construction quality as so to long lasting buildings. All these points are important for sustainability... it is already proven in practice - and can therefore be fully implemented."

Afterwards Dr Feist said "It is a great honour that the importance of energy efficiency to ensure that sufficient mitigation of climate change can be implemented is recognised by colleagues in Sweden. Prof. em. Thomas B. Johansson made it clear in his speech how important it is that we recognise and implement the perspective of a future-orientated design concept in buildings."

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