The Retrofit for the Future programme has accelerated the emerging domestic retrofit sector in the UK. In 2009, when Retrofit for the Future started, the Government’s energy efficiency loan scheme (Green Deal) was not available and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) was yet to commence. There was however a realisation that the existing housing stock had to be improved and that this would open up an enormous new business market. Retrofit for the Future developed into one of the highlight achievements of the Technology Strategy Board.
This cost analysis is an important element of the legacy from Retrofit for the Future, and comes at a crucial time. There is unprecedented pressure from customers and regulators to scale up the delivery of energy-efficient retrofits in greater numbers, and budgets are under intense pressure. This creates growth opportunities for innovative businesses that can help deliver retrofit for a more affordable price. More affordable solutions are required throughout the supply chain. The industry can benefit by understanding the price points achieved in Retrofit for the Future.