My globe trotting friend Marten Simms has sent me news from Vancouver of one of his current projects; I strongly recommend the link below:

I co-run Wake, a non-profit marine conservation initiative based here in Vancouver, Canada. We focus on saving sharks and tuna. Yes, tuna. To find out more about why we are doing this please take a moment this weekend to find out how you can help reduce the number of sharks dying worldwide (currently about 192 every minute). So, if you love the other 71% of this planet and care about every second breath you take, check it:

We will continue to update the website as we evolve, so please check back whenever you can. It’s a pretty comprehensive site. Dive deep and rediscover this blue beauty you live on.

Oh, and don’t eat tuna. No, seriously, don’t eat tuna. Ask me why.

It’s time to wake up.