The renovation of historic and listed buildings can be very challenging especially when it comes to the sensitive conservation of the visual features of old facades. The challenge is even greater when there is the ambition to improve the comfort and energy-saving qualities of a building.

For those requiring new vertically sliding sash windows for old buildings, until now, only improved versions of traditional sash windows were available. However the air leakage from these, although substantially improved, is still far beyond that allowed in a Passive House.

As developed on the Princedale Road Passive House, a window that looks like a sash window and meets Passive House requirements, is now available after a period of research and design in Germany – only this window lifts vertically rather than being hinged.

Our German partners from the carpentry workshop Schreinerei Bayer are proud to introduce a unique sliding window engineered to deliver an effective response to the ultra low energy requirements of a Passive House, as well as using environmentally-responsible materials. Special additions such as anti-burglary features, corrosion protection or other features can be implemented upon request.

Along with prompt production and delivery times, we are able to supply windows at the same retail price as in Germany provided a window schedule is included with your request for a quotation.

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