Professor Alan Short and the Cambridge University Martin Centre Conferences 2008/2009 – a highly recommended series of round-table conferences but space is very limited so you would need to apply to the university for an invitation to attend.

Friday 17th October

Conference 1: The Big Picture: Environmental Issues & Policy Responses

Scroope Boardroom

(Climate Change, Professor Hans Graf will deliver his lecture on Wednesday 15th October, 2.15am, Boardroom)

2.15 The Contribution of the Built Environment to Climate change, Prof. Kevin Lomas, Visiting Fellow Clare Hall 2008/09,

2.45 International Policy Responses, Dr.Terry Barker, Director, Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research, Dept. of Land Economy.

3.15 Built environment strategies to reduce global energy consumption/carbon production, Kevin Lomas, Nick Baker?

3.45 Tea and Discussion

4.15 Sustainable Construction, David Adamson/ BRE Embodied Energy people /Dr.David Shipworth Reading Univ. SUE Director on embodied energy

4.45 Building Lifecycles, Anne Godfrey, Berkeley/ William Fawcett on decision-making

5.15 Discussion

Friday 31st October

Conference 2: Historical & Theoretical Perspectives: A Recovery?

Scroope Boardroom

2.15 The Environmental Tradition, Professor Dean Hawkes

The recovery of lost design strategies:

2.45 Historic Theatre Environments, Dr Gail Kenton

3.15 Historic Health Environments, Professor Alan Short/Dr Alistair Fair/ Dr Catherine Noakes, Leeds Univ.Engineering Dept.

3.45 Tea & Discussion

4.15 REVIVAL, report on major EU funded project, Dr.Nick Baker

4.45 The Origins of ‘Glass Architecture’, Henrik Schoenefeldt PhD candidate

5.15 Case study of current recovery of an historic environment, MPhil

Practice Club; Purcell Miller Tritton &/or McAslan

Friday 14th November

Conference 3: Heat & Thermal Comfort (with a focus on housing)

Scroope Boardroom

2.15 Improving standards, Dr Nick Bullock

2.45 Behaviour, adaptive comfort, specific challenges in making sustainable environments for housing, Dr.Nick Baker

3.15 The Passivhaus Idea, Justin Bere/Karlien Geens

3.45 Tea and discussion

4.15 Policies to promote sustainable housing, Minna Sunikka

4.45 Nick Johnson ‘Urban Splash’, developing housing at the city scale

Thermal modeling, Simon Yunn, to be programmed for Wednesday 19th November

Conference 4: Light & Visual Comfort

Scroope Boardroom

2.15 Reminder of fundamentals, Dr Nick Baker/Professor Koen Steemers

2.45 ‘Lighting Libraries’, AHRC Project Research team

3.30 Tea and Discussion

4.00 ‘Lighting Atmospheres, Old Cairo’, Dr Sura Al-Maiyeh (Short & Associates)

4.30 Lighting Cricket, David Morley &/or another Mphil practice club member

(Modeling natural light & solar penetration, Simon Yunn, programmed for Wednesday 3rd December)

Wednesday 21st January

Conference 5: Air in Buildings

BP Institute, Madingley Rise

2.00pm The Criteria: Computational models, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Dr Malcolm Cook IESD

2.30 Recent Findings and lab demonstration: Prof. Andy Woods/ Dr. Torwong Chenvidyakarn/ Dr. Shaun Fitzgerald

3.30 Natural & Hybrid ventilation schemes in practice: Prof.Alan Short/ Prof. Randall Thomas

4.00 The natural ventilation of hospitals: Professor Alan Short/Professor Andy Woods/Dr Malcolm Cook

4.30The urban environment, wind modeling, Dept.of Engineering Cambridge

Friday 30th January

Conference 6: Sound, Auditoria & Performance

Scroope Boardroom

2.00pm Acoustics, a reminder of the basic phenomena, Arup Acoustics Cambridge

2.45 Auditorium Case Studies Tim Lewers/ Professor Alan Short

3.15 Delivering theatre environments, Andy Hales Charcoal Blue

3.45 Theatre & Sustainability, Mhora Samuels Theatres Trust

4.15 Designing Dynamic Environments for the Performing Arts (DeDEPA)

AHRC funded research into delivering capital projects & the new CABE/Arts Council Guidance for Capital Arts Projects, Professor Alan Short/Dr Alistair Fair
Friday 13th February

Conference 7: Sustainable Urban Environments

Scroope Boardroom

2.15pm Cambridge Futures 1 & 2 Dr.Tony Hargreaves The EPSRC research programmes in the Martin Centre, members of the SUE project team discus SOLUTIONS, REVISIONS, investigations of the relative impacts of density on sustainability

3.0 Ecocities across the globe: Dongtan David Height, Arup/ BDP Head of Sustainable Design

4.00 Tea & discussion

4.30 Urban microclimates: Reports on EU projects ZED, PRECIS, RUROS, Dr.Nick Baker and other members of the research team

Friday 6th March

Conference 8: Innovation and Construction

Scroope Boardroom

2.15pm Building Futures John Worthington

2.45 Innovation in other industries, Dr Julie Jupp/Dr Claudia Eckert Eng. Dept/Open Univ.

3.15 A better process? Professor Rachel Cooper Lancaster Univ/Prof. Peter Barrett Salford Univ.

Tea & discussion

4.15 Building better buildings Sebastian Macmillan

4.45 Innovation in Schools & healthcare

Sunand Prasad/Sue Francis CABE/Neil Cadenhead BDP/ Alistair Cory, Ken Schwarz NBBJ