'NO' to the primitive instinct of 'dash for gas'. Fossil fuel use disguises the fact that we have over-extended the planet's natural biological limits and continue to do so at an accelerating rate. Millions of years of sunlight energy stored in fossil fuel is being burnt in a few generations in our homes and places of work rather than insulating them. Fracking would lead to a huge acceleration of pollution by extraction and burning of fossil fuels which scientists tell us will wreck planet earth. There is an alternative. Germany, led by a leader who is also a scientist has for some years been taking carefully planned steps to transform their economy to 100% renewable energy by 2050. We can also do this by radically reducing the wastage of energy in our homes and in our places of work and in our methods and amount of transportation; creating employment and health benefits for UK citizens at the same time. Passive House (or passivhaus) offers a tried and tested alternative to burning ever more fuel in our homes and places of work and electric cars can be connected to a smart grid to create storage for a national grid driven by wind power (see www.zerocarbonbritain.com ) All that is needed is intelligent, responsible leadership from government. It is a dereliction of political responsibility to give a free-for-all to greedy and selfish oil and gas multinationals who spend millions on political lobbying and perverting arguments and who evidently don’t give a fxxk for future generations.