The Mayville has been officially re-named as the Mildmay Community Centre, in recognition of the growing significance of the community centre in providing community services for the whole of the Islington Mildmay ward. The occasion was attended by our Islington MP, Jeremy Corbyn; by the leader of Islington Council; by the Mayor of Islington; by heads of Islington departments, such as housing and development; by the original founder of the centre, by the good people who give their time voluntarily to the Board of the Mildmay Community Partnership; by the anonymous donor who gave some money to complete the project; and by a large number of members of the community who freely give their time or enjoy the benefits. Many speeches were delivered, including from one of England’s brightest teenage table-tennis stars, trained by an ex British team table tennis player, using world class competition equipment donated by Sport England as a result of one of Jenny Littlewood’s many interventions on behalf of the centre. It was really exciting for us all to hear and share the stories of the past and the vision for the future. We believe that the Mildmay now has a very strong future and we believe that the role of the building will continue to grow as a warm, comfortable, popular place to enjoy large open bright spaces that are very cheap and affordable to run, providing a great anchor for the community in the uncertain times ahead.