Since taking up cycling for all trips, sometimes in combination with the train, the car has been sitting in a friend’s garage without even seeing it for 6 years and then for 2 years since I had it back, I used it just a couple of times. Also my motorcycle has just been sitting in the garage unused apart from taking it for an annual MOT. Although I knew I didn’t need either vehicle, it’s been very, very hard to let them go for sentimental reasons.

To many of us, motor vehicles seem more and more vulgar with every year that goes by. This particularly applies to those grossly oversized vehicles that people convince themselves they ‘need’. What would their great-grandparents have thought if they could see the excesses and waste of their descendants in the early 21st century? It becomes more and more obvious that the environmental, health and social problems caused by motor transport make our unthinking reliance on these crazy metal boxes just plain daft and unacceptable. Furthermore for people to see beauty in the shape of these ugly and dangerous metal carts becomes increasingly passé and quite sad. I believe that our grandchildren will look back and ask us why we were so stupid.

So car and motorcycle are up for sale, hopefully stopping someone buying a new one.