...with the core body of the Technology Strategy Board funded research running to over 30,000 words, together with reports produced by researchers and academics at University College London, Cranfield University and RMIT Melbourne.

The University research findings reveal that the Camden Passive House is the most energy efficient detached dwelling ever monitored in the UK. It is so efficient that it uses approximately 1.5 times less than the BedZed terraced houses and apart from one terraced Passive House (Princedale Road), more efficient than all the terraced houses and apartment blocks so far monitored in the UK.

This is achieved with optimal conditions for comfort and health. An independent TSB BPE meta study has found the ventilation system 'faultless'.

The house has achieved one of the best user satisfaction ratings of any house analysed using the BUS methodology.

The co-heating test found a precise correlation between design prediction and performance in use.

This is a house that can truly claim to have delivered what it promised. It effortlessly performs much better than the UK government's planned zero carbon standard and has achieved the all too elusive prize of entirely closing the 'performance gap' between design and actual use.