Tom and Louise are now enjoying the comfort of their new passivhaus-modelled retrofit. We have thoroughly insulated their home, fitted new windows, eliminated all draughts and fitted a heat recovery ventilation unit with pollen air filters. The work was funded by the Technology Strategy Board’s retrofit-for-the-future programme.

The elderly tenants, Tom and Louise, have not been at all well. They both have serious lung problems that send them in and out of hospital. Tom’s problem is particularly acute. He cannot walk far and uses an electric buggy and receives regular air quality updates as his respiratory problems are medically linked to air quality problems.



Tom & Louise live right on the  junction where the A315, the A4 and the A314 come together, right beside Heathrow Airport, the South Circular Road, the M4 Motorway and the Great West Road. There is a clear link between air pollution from road and air transport and the chronic lung disease that they both suffer from.

As expected, Tom and Louise are thoroughly enjoying the new comfort that they are enjoying. They talk about the indoor temperature being very even. Whether it is hot or cold outside, they always feel comfortable inside. Tom says how nice it is to be able to get up in the night and walk to the bathroom in his pyjamas without feeling frozen.

But what we only dared hope for, also seems to be happening. As the air quality inside the house has improved, and the particles in the polluted air are removed, Tom told us that his lung problems seem to be improving. He said it is too soon to be certain whether the better indoor air is going to give long term improvements to his condition, but he is already feeling a lot better.

We are absolutely delighted to witness the restorative effect of our work on the lives of Tom and Louise. This case study also adds to the mounting evidence of the harmful effects of poor air quality in London. This is a problem that the current government and the London mayor appear to be oblivious to. Only three days ago, it was reported that the conservatives walked out of the GLA as Darren Johnson called a motion on the London air pollution crisis. Also learn more about the issue by reference to:

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