Camden Passivhaus, Camden, London

(due to be completed March 2010)

The primary objective of this project is to achieve a comfortable home for a young family, whilst minimising energy consumption. This house has been designed to use less than 13kWh/m2/a for heating (a typical new home in the UK is likely to consume nearer 100kWh/m2/a)

The project is a 120m2 single family house split over two floors, with two wild flower meadow roofs and a south facing garden.

Healthy air and water quality is prioritised by using non-toxic materials; heat recovery ventilation and water filtration for drinking and bathing. Mains water use is supplemented by an underground water harvesting tank providing water for irrigation

CO2 emissions are minimised with excellent insulation, draught free construction, triple glazed windows and a solar thermal panel

All junction details are designed to prevent thermal bridges and the results form part of the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) energy calculations

Ground floor slab 380mm wood fibre insulation

Walls 280mm mineral wool +100mm wood fibre insulation

Flat roof 280mm PUR + 120mm mineral wool insulation

Sloping roof 380mm mineral wool insulation

Terrace 130mm PUR insulation

Heat Recovery Ventilation PAUL Thermos 200DC

Annual Heat Demand just below 13 kWh/m2/a

Primary Energy Demand 97kWh/m2/a

Total CO2 emissions 11.3kg/m2/a (excl. appliances)

Air test result 0.36h-1 (air test 02/02/10)