Dr Ian Ridley's research paper published in collaboration with the bere:architects technical team: 'The Monitored Performance of the first new London dwelling certified to the Passive House standard' will be published in 'Energy and Buildings'.

Here is an extract from Dr Ridley's paper: 

"The total gas and electricity consumption of the house in the first year of monitoring was 6576 kWh, or 65.1 kWh/m2 per annum. The Camden Passive House is therefore one of the lowest energy dwellings ever monitored in the UK. The BedZed development consumed approximately 90 kWh/m2, The Long House 80 kWh/m2, The Bioregional One Brighton apartments have a median energy consumption of 72 kWh/m2. Only the Princedale Road retrofit dwelling with a total energy consumption of 62.5 kWh/m2 is less than the Camden passive House."

These results were achieved while maintaining average winter living room temperatures of 22.4 degrees C

Funding for the study was provided by the UK's Technology Strategy Board under their Building Performance Evaluation Programme. 

When we have a publication date we will announce this.