Passive House Plus, Essex

A new Passive House Plus for a severely disabled former stuntman who enjoys refined, modern design. The client's requirement, and a challenge that we relish, is that the quality of design of the house should not be compromised by the unusual requirements of the owner.

So, all assisted living enhancements are in fact discrete design features that would enhance the lives of any occupant. The house will be elegantly designed with exciting, futuristic voice-command and other automation features that will enhance the lives of any future occupant.

The owner is unable to regulate their own body temperature, so indoor temperatures can be a matter of life or death. The fabric-first nature of a Passive House building guarantees relatively stable indoor temperatures even if the mechanical and electrical technologies fail. The added resilience of a Passive House Plus with substantial battery storage provides the assurance that our client can remain warm and comfortable in any event including a prolonged national grid power failure. 

Carer's accommodation will be accommodated in a separate, but linked house.

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