Lena Gardens

Retrofit and extension of a Victorian terraced house in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

An all-electric low energy terraced family house, heavily insulated internally with 200mm of wood fibre insulation and clay plaster on the inside of its external walls. The result is a healthy house that stays warm in winter and cool in summer, and that runs on very little energy.

Our client wanted a healthy house to address the asthma symptoms of his children. Non-toxic, natural materials are used throughout, together with all the other techniques used in our Passive House projects, resulting in the complete absence of surface condensation which helps to maintain optimal humidity levels that keep airborne pathogens to a minimum.

This is thouight to be the first house in the UK to incorporate a nitrogen dioxide filter on the fresh air supply of the ventilation system. Nitrogen dioxide, mostly from car exhausts, is considered to be a serious health hazard in summer months, and a cause of asthma. The ventilation system is also fitted with fine filters to remove pollen and particulates from the air.

The result is an all-electric family house with new Passive House triple-glazed mock-sash windows that were approved by the Council, and that fit into the streetscape perfectly. The fine brickwork was lovingly restored with traditional rubbed lime mortar techniques. The front door was built in Germany to match the local pattern, but unlike others in the street, it is double-sealed on all edges, insulated, triple glazed and utilizes multi-point locking via a single key. The main chimney was retained but thermally isolated.

The result is a pioneer house with enhanced features to reduce the risk of asthma.

Photography was delayed due to the pandemic, with more to follow.


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