Cycling anti-pollution masks in London after 1 month.

As a Christmas stocking filler the cyclists at bere:architects’ office (90% of employees cycle) were given high-tech anti-pollution masks, called the Totobobo SuperCool.

After some trepidation, due to how cyclists wearing anti-pollution masks are perceived by pedestrians and car users, I began to wear the mask about one month ago. To my astonishment, as I changed the filter pads for the first time this morning, I could clearly see the pollution particles that had been stopped from entering my lungs, which also seems to be helping against hayfever. My daily commute is 5.5 miles from the east of London, just enough to work up a sweat.

From seeing the evidence left on the pads I would now recommend that everyone wears an anti-pollution mask on their daily commute.



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I'd like to see the pads after one month of the same amount of usage but in a cleaner environment, in the country-side or something like that. Just to compare.
I agree with Pablo; i would like to compare with a few smaller cities. I do have a mask to wear on my London commute but i like to treat my commute as a workout and it's hugely restrictive when you're having a challenge on Archway Hill! I look forward to seeing the comparison.
I'ld like to see one having been worn for a month by a non-cyclist on their commute, especiaaly train, tube bus, pedestrian.
Good one ! I've been contemplating to start using one as I cycle 9 miles each way for my commute 2-4 times a week. Where can I find these by the way ?
Bit scary, but far more scary is the fact that the really dangerous nanoparticles in our "fair" city air are far too small to be trapped in this type of face mask.
The Totobobo filter is trapping the dangerous nanoparticles. Even it is too small to be visible, over time it will show. The Totobobo has been tested against 3M N95 mask and the results are comparable:, more here:
its just dust, you'd get worse from being on underground train
Been looking what feels like everywhere to buy one of these, where did you get yours? I ride 21 miles a day to Holborn but also suffer from asthma. I want to protect my lungs on the busier parts of my ride and these Totobobo masks seem to get good reviews. Cheers, Sarah.