My globe trotting friend Marten Simms has sent me news from Vancouver of one of his current projects; I strongly recommend the link below:

I co-run Wake, a non-profit marine conservation initiative based here in Vancouver, Canada. We focus on saving sharks and tuna. Yes, tuna. To find out more about why we are doing this please take a moment this weekend to find out how you can help reduce the number of sharks dying worldwide (currently about 192 every minute). So, if you love the other 71% of this planet and care about every second breath you take, check it:

Sustain magazine published the following 4 page article in July 2009. This piece summarises my experiences so far and explains how the common house sparrow in particular, and the wren have benefitted at the beginning of the breeding season to what is on offer.

“…this ship, relaunched in 2007, has taken a hike in class and has taste oozing from its portholes. The design is sleek and sexy and the food is great…Views are peerless, so don Audrey Hepburn shades or brush up your Cary Grant drawl, and get aboard.”

A tremendous piece of work from the Centre for Alternative Technologies – highly recommended: Zero Carbon Britain report www.zerocarbonbritain.com

Professor Alan Short and the Cambridge University Martin Centre Conferences 2008/2009 – a highly recommended series of round-table conferences but space is very limited so you would need to apply to the university for an invitation to attend.

Friday 17th October

Conference 1: The Big Picture: Environmental Issues & Policy Responses

Scroope Boardroom

(Climate Change, Professor Hans Graf will deliver his lecture on Wednesday 15th October, 2.15am, Boardroom)

bere:architects’ recently completed cycle shelters are now featured on the Docklands Light Railway website. The new shelters at Shadwell and Gallion’s Reach stations are the first to be delivered as part of the DLR’s aim to provide high quality cycle parking at all of its stations. Visit the link for more information.


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