The Camden passivhaus home is about knowledge transfer from Austria and Germany and the Welsh Passivhaus project is about trying to apply this knowledge to social housing prototypes. We are also working on a terraced Welsh Passivhaus home to save more money and energy than detached houses.

Amanda Baillieu shocks Building Design readers with her claim that the science of global warming is just ‘hot air’ (the text of this article was toned down Monday 9th November, 9pm)

In an ideal world the police would be impartial upholders of all fair and just laws; of course with the proviso that the legal system, based on logic and reason, can challenge unjust or outdated laws.

How Justin Bere’s rooftop native wildflower meadow provides important support for the local house sparrow population as well as evidence of the role of native planting in the support of a healthy ecosystem.

 Justin Bere describes how his rooftop wildflower meadow is providing vital support for the local house sparrow population as well as evidence of how native planting benefits  ahealthy ecosystem.

Since taking up cycling for all trips, sometimes in combination with the train, the car has been sitting in a friend’s garage without even seeing it for 6 years and then for 2 years since I had it back, I used it just a couple of times. Also my motorcycle has just been sitting in the garage unused apart from taking it for an annual MOT. Although I knew I didn’t need either vehicle, it’s been very, very hard to let them go for sentimental reasons.

I am attending the excellent annual beekeeping course at Roots and Shoots, following in my father’s footsteps as a beekeeper. However unlike most of my fellow students, I’m NOT becoming a beekeeper because of an interest in maximizing a supply of honey for family and friends. My father and other beekeeping relatives made me aware years ago of the difficulties caused by the spread of the Varroa which has wiped out 30% - 50% of UK honey bees since 1992.

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