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Wolfgang Feist, founder of the Passivhaus Institute, teaches at AECB national conference, June 2009 and gives masterclasses at bere:architects

How Justin Bere’s rooftop native wildflower meadow provides important support for the local house sparrow population as well as evidence of the role of native planting in the support of a healthy ecosystem.

The native Solomon’s Seal grows in shady conditions beneath trees and its flowers are loved by bumblebees that don’t mind hanging upside down to get at the nectar. Hazel trees overhead form a coppice which shades the native underplanting of wild flowers, working well for a broad range of wildlife from insects to birds. The Dog’s Mercury groundcover, a signifier of ancient woodland, has spread underground after an unpromising start last year and this spring has popped up all over the ground beneath the hazel coppice.

Dusty Gedge and leading green roof experts from around the world descend on the Muse.


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