Mayville Community Centre

Paul Jennings of Aldas was on site on Friday to carry out the first air permeability test of the Mayville Community centre. Although a little later than expected, the building recorded a result of 0.53 air changes per hour at 50 Pascals (using the rigorous Attma standard 2007 methodology) – the first non-domestic retrofit result that we know of to reach the passivhaus requirement.

Mayville Community Centre Passivhaus Windows Fitting

The window fitting flash event was attended by 20 very keen architects and students last Thursday at the Mayville Community Centre all eager to learn from this practical training opportunity. The group witnessed the installation of one of the south elevation windows being installed in two pieces by the main contractor.

The awesome 4×2m triple glazed fixed roof lights have now been craned into place onto the main roof at Mayville completing the final phase of works to make the roof fully water tight. PV and Solar panel installations are now fully underway. The roof lights, both Velux and fixed units, will allow abundant natural daylight into the main hall whilst allowing for summer night time ventilation to purge any heat that has built up during the day. Internal plaster works and decorations are also well under way. All works are leading up to the first air test scheduled for the end of March.

Justin Bere of bere:architects is offering an opportunity to learn about German techniques for fitting triple glazed passivhaus windows including positioning the windows to avoid cold bridging in an externally insulated building; fitting air tightness tapes with ‘rabbit ears’ to achieve necessary passivhaus 0.6ach @ 50Pa.; positioning windows with inflatable air bags; and fixing windows without plugs and with headless screws in order to ensure the windows are not distorted during fixing.

Construction of the Mayville Community Centre is now progressing well on site with construction of the new super insulated roof nearing completion. All Metal Roofing have completed the zinc works on the north facing side of the main roof with works to the south roof well underway this week.


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