Theatre Designer's Studio

Offices & chambers

Bere:architects turned a derelict warehouse space into contemporary design studios. The spatial grid is defined by the historic structural brickwork piers that define the space. Bespoke furniture and fittings were designed and crafted for the project and the materials palette was influenced by the desire to hand craft every element. While we value industrial manufacturing where it brings low cost results, we also believe in the importance of nurturing local craftsmanship, maintaining skills and providing vocational opportunities for young people with an interest in making things.

A whole new range of door handles were designed, which we now use in many of our projects, hand-crafted in natural materials including oak, leather and steel. The large hand-made screen that divides the recreation area from the offices is precisely modelled on the screens in the Vyborg library, Russia, right down to the construction details of Alvar Aalto's masterpiece from 1934. Reclaimed wooden floors came from French railway carriages and use black knotting to emphasise the antique quality of the oak, in wonderful contrast with the beautifully made new oak joinery that double as room dividers. These floor-to-ceiling cupboards and concealed sliding doors enable the linked spaces to be divided into rooms on occasions when privacy is required.